autobiography.: For the Children.


Human Trafficking is the second largest global criminal industry after drugs and weapons. Each year, it is estimated that the industry makes $32 billion a year by enslaving innocent children to work as a sex slave. With that being said, over 2 million children are enslaved to this industry…

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We are currently going through some updates on our website and all social media outlets. Please be patient while we sort through everything. :)

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The Pagkabata Project’s mission is  to end child trafficking in the Philippines through:

  • Providing the tools and resources (education, vocational training) for young, at risk Filipino children to become empowered to change their world and to decrease the likelihood of trafficking
  • Encouraging youth in the U.S. to build awareness in their community by community service projects and clubs. 

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extraordinarilyordinaryme said: what's your name?

Hi Ali, my name is Rihanna. NO! I KID! This is Katherine.

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"See the joy of giving."

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